Man Refuses To Leave His Sausage Dog To Go To Hospital After Car Crash

Image Source: The Herald Sun. Photo by Mike Dugdale

Sausage Rolls Dogs are a man’s best friend.

Following a car crash near Geelong, a man has proved that this relationship goes both ways. He was told that he needed to be taken into hospital to check out his injuries after a two car head-on-collision but broke down in tears and refused to go until his doggy was able to accompany him. If he had have been forced to leave his dog behind then it might have been taken to the local pound.

Speaking to News Corp, Darren Hall emotionally described his connection with Jake the dog.

Jake was my mother’s dog and she passed away two year’s ago. He was starting to fret, he was in shock too, and is always by my side, so I wasn’t going to let him go to the pound.

The driver of the other car and two kids were also lucky to escape injury.

Mr Hall was in Geelong to pick up a brand new car, but barely made it out of town. Luckily he and Jake were able to spend the rest of the day in Geelong hospital.

This good news story seems like a good excuse for some cute Sausage Dog GIFs.

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