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Alana From ‘MAFS’ Has Dragged A Radio Show For Their “Toxic” Interview

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Alana Lister has spoken out about a nasty radio interview she had to endure during Married at First Sight.

Posting to her Instagram stories overnight, Alana shared the first radio interview she ever did on the Bec, Cosi and Lehmo show and it’s truly gross. “It is the most disgusting interview, with the most toxic presenters but it’s important to share these kinds of things because it really highlights the struggles that women face when they have any type of confidence in their looks, or their abilities, or their bodies” she began, before playing part of the interview.

In the clip, Alana’s first MAFS episode is played where she said she was a “hot teacher”, then one of the co-hosts, Cosi, actually ask Alana, “How do you listen to that and not think: oh my god, I sound so full of myself?”

Alana then absolutely eviscerated this offensive remark, telling her followers, “This is a white 50 to 60-year-old male radio presenter, interviewing me, a young woman who has never done radio before…and he’s decided to tell me that I am full of myself because I said that I am hot,” she said.

The MAFS star went on to say that the full interview included one of the hosts “attacking me, and berating me, and abusing me, telling me I was delusional, that there was something wrong with me — that I needed help,” Alana said. “It makes me sad that these people are in radio.”

Watch Alana’s full video below:


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