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LMAO: Tonight’s Final ‘MAFS’ Weddings Retold In Hilarious Tweets

We’ve finally gotten past the weddings stage of Married at First Sight and oh boy, I could demolish some cake right now.

On tonight’s episode, the experts paired up a woman who has been cheated on in most of her previous relationships, with a man who has previously cheated — it’s a match! As if things couldn’t get any worse, single parents Stacey and Michael seemed like an OK pairing on paper, until they met and Stacey practically ignored her new groom the whole wedding night.

While Stacey and Michael’s wedding was a bit of a nightmare, the tweets were on fire.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in hilarious tweets:

Michael is a big personality and is going to grate on all our nerves.

Mishel and Steve seem to make a cute couple, and he helped calm her nerves when they met at the altar.

Stacey and Michael’s meeting didn’t go quite as smoothly.

Stacey does not give Michael the time of day and straight-up ignores him.

Until she finds out he happens to be filthy rich.

Mishel is rattled to hear that Steve had cheated in a previous relationship.

But we all have one question…