Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Dinner Party Madness Retold In Hilarious Tweets

It’s dinner party time for Married at First Sight, which we all can agree is the only reason we watch this absolute shitshow.

Drama was promised and drama was delivered, mostly in the form of a determined Hayley on a goddamn mission. As she and David arrived separately following their honeymoon feud, Hayley went on to tell the women all the details of their fight before she tried to seduce her husband in a painfully awkward exchange. He was not into it. Like, it actually hurt to watch.

Aside from that whole mess, Amanda struggled through the night as wife Tash practically ignored her, instead getting her flirt on with the other women. And Ivan couldn’t help himself, getting involved in drama with Hayley and the night ended with him being snubbed by Aleks.

I can’t explain how much I missed these dinner parties and the tweets are too perfect.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in hilarious tweets:

It’s dinner party time!

David and Hayley arrived separately and it was awkward AF. Later Hayley lied about why her new husband wasn’t wearing his wedding ring.

Michael and Stacey were the smuggest couple to ever live.

Connie let her quirky personality shine through.

Tash ignored her wife Amanda, instead getting her flirt on with some of the other wives.

In a cringe-worthy exchange, Hayley tried to make up with David by err…trying to kiss him and make him carry her.

Ivan made a dick of himself by badgering Hayley, which led to him receiving the silent treatment from his wife Aleks.

At least we all learned an important lesson tonight.