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The First ‘MAFS’ Commitment Ceremony Retold In Funny Tweets

The weekend is almost over and we all know what that means: it’s time to park yourself on the couch, switch on Married at First Sight and shamelessly judge the lives of others. Fun!

Tonight served up the season’s very first commitment ceremony, with the couples deciding whether they wanted to stay together and enter the next stage of the experiment — living together, yikes.

There was no huge surprises as every contestant voted to stay for another week, but things got tense between Hayley and David on the experts’ couch. Tears were shed, feelings were hurt, eggs were good.

Let’s relive it all via hilarious tweets!

Tonight’s Married at First Sight commitment ceremony retold in funny tweets:

It’s good to see the experts are back and doing what they do best: judge the random couples they’ve assembled.

Cathy and Josh are the perfect couple but all Trish cared about was whether the new couple had banged.

Despite barely speaking at the dinner party, Tash and Amanda chose to stay together.

Poppy continued to feel conflicted over missing her kids, but ultimately decided to stay in the experiment.

Aleks admitted to growing frustrated with Ivan’s messy antics.

David blew up at Hayley over her smoking and comments about his wage, before he threw her history of drug addiction in her face.

In the end, all the couples stayed together. That was low-key a total waste of time.