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Tonight’s Messy ‘MAFS’ Girls’ & Boys’ Nights Retold Via Very Funny Tweets

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It’s that time again, when Married at First Sight throws its annual girls’ and boys’ nights aka the night where shit truly hits the fan.

These nights have become notorious on this show. The ladies tend to either feud or bond, while the blokes are generally at their worst. In past seasons, boys’ night has been rife with sexist remarks, discussions of wife-swapping, and generally just showcasing toxic masculinity. Tonight was a welcome departure from what we’ve come to expect, as instead of the boys talking about the girls, they were all talking about Bryce.

Most of the episode’s drama came courtesy of girls’ night, as Samantha returned to drop a bombshell: she had spoken to Bryce’s Canberra friend who confirmed the secret girlfriend. Melissa was left shattered and a question mark looms over what will happen with her and Bryce next episode. Until then, let’s relive the whole shitshow in hilarious tweets!

Tonight’s messy Married at First Sight retold via very funny tweets:

Patrick and Belinda had the sex!! Rebecca returns to the experiment, revealing that she missed Jake while she was away.

The final dates wrap up, as Alana and Jason try to salvage their relationship and somehow, ummm…agree to move in together. Meanwhile, Jake questions Rebecca’s feeling for him on a sailing trip. They quickly realise their timelines don’t really align.

It’s time for the girls’ and boys’ nights and all the past contestants return to join in on the action. Tbh, the only contestant I’m happy to see is Russell.

Sam arrives and immediately goes in on Bryce, asking him how he feels about getting so many of the other guys offside. The mood is tense, but Bryce leaves before anything kicks off. Sam referring to his MAFS nemesis as ‘Fried Bryce’ will never not be funny.

Over at girls’ night, Coco arrives and we find out she and Cameron are over. She reveals that they dated briefly but then ghosted each other.

Samantha tells Melissa that she was told by Bryce’s friend, Jason, that he did have a secret girlfriend who was waiting for him on the outside. Melissa is shook. “I am the biggest fool,” Melissa tells the camera privately. We truly feel for her.