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Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Honeymoons Retold In Hilarious Tweets

It’s been a hard slog getting through all these weddings and honeymoons on Married at First Sight but finally we’re free and the first messy dinner party is tomorrow. Yee-haw!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. On tonight’s episode, the last of the brides and grooms headed off on their honeymoons which for most of the couples…did not go well. While Mishel and Steve fought over winter sports, Stacey and Michael went at it after a boozy night out, and Ivan couldn’t get off his damn phone, much to the annoyance of his new wife Aleks.

But Connie and Jonethen were there too, and they shockingly seem to actually enjoy each other’s company. Translation: they absolutely don’t belong on this show. Let’s jump into the tweets!

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in hilarious tweets:

Stacey becomes livid with Michael after he gets drunk on their honeymoon with some random couples.

Ivan spends most of his time working and answering phone calls, rather than spending time with Aleks.

On a happier note, cuties Connie and Jonethen got closer and shared their first kiss.

While Mishel and Steve clashed over trying extreme sports in New Zealand.

Bring on tomorrow night’s dinner party!