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Tonight’s Messy ‘MAFS’ Retold In Hilarious Tweets

Married at First Sight got real tonight, as all the couples moved in together and started bickering about petty things like Instagram and putting together a flatpack. Reality TV stars, they’re just like us!

Things weren’t off to a great start, as tensions boiled over between Poppy and Luke, and after an off-camera blow-up Poppy decided to leave the experiment — leaving a devastated Luke behind. The poor fella. He really just wanted to make her food. I am single by the way, Luke, and always hungry if that helps.

Amanda and Tash’s cohabitation was also short-lived, as Tash decided to move out and John was called in to try help the two ladies communicate. Tbh, the live-tweets were much more exciting than the episode itself.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in hilarious tweets:

Poppy and Luke butted heads and eventually Poppy made the decision to leave the experiment. We all feel for Luke tbh.

Connie continued to get annoyed with Jonethen’s addiction to Instagram, so she banned him using his phone for a day. They later penned letters for each other.

The couples had to answer questions to encourage intimacy, which Michael took as an excuse to make Stacey go makeup-free.

While Tash struggled to deal with confrontation with Amanda so John was called in to mediate.

Honestly, without Aleks and Ivan this whole experiment would be a disaster.