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LOL: Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Madness Retold In Hilarious Tweets

We’re back for another night of wedded bliss on Married at First Sight.

Half the couples are having issues which meant a lot of awkward moments went down, like Amanda trying to bond with Tash over white, vegan food, and Connie hounding Jonethen over his Instagram use.

Thankfully, Cathy and Josh were there being perfect and the tweets were on fine form.

Tonight’s Married At First Sight retold in hilarious tweets:

Stacey was again disappointed by Michael’s behaviour and he tried to reconcile things with a shitty cake.

Things were awkward when Amanda tried to cook a vegan meal with Tash, but Tash could only eat “white” food after getting her teeth whitened.

Aleks enlisted a mindfulness coach to help iron out her intimacy issues with Ivan.

And it turned out that Hayley and David didn’t need any help in that department.

Connie and Jonethen continued to clash over Instagram before an innocent drawing class pulled them further apart.

Finally, Steve had enough of Mishel’s negative attitude.

Just let the guy go to restaurants and drink wine, we say.