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The Best Tweets From Tonight’s Messy ‘MAFS’

We’re back for more Married at First Sight and sadly, there’s a lot less wine in my bottle since the beginning of this boring as hell episode.

Unfortunately, we seem to be at the stage of MAFS where all the most messy/dramatic people have now exited the experiment and we are just left with couples that are about as interesting to watch as ScoMo washing his hands.

You know that shit is grim when the majority of the episode is watching Mishel and Steve have the same argument over and over again on loop. Am I going mad? Haven’t we seen this all before? Are they playing repeats? When will the screaming in my head stop?!?

Anyways, enough about me! Let’s relive it all in humorous tweets!

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in funny tweets:

Stacey expected to be treated to a luxurious date with Michael but instead got a shitty used car, a pie, and a Pop Top.

Lizzie and Seb let our their wild sides as they vacayed among the tigers at a unique hotel. They later walked an actual cheetah and shared a romantic bath.

Despite a less than glamorous day together, Michael and Stacey bonded and made plans for the future.

After a day at Luna Park in Sydney, Mishel finally told Steve how she feels about how he played her during the experiment.

The episode ended with Steve briefly laying in bed with Mishel before jumping out to sleep in another room alone. If that’s not true (made for TV) love, I don’t know what is?