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Tonight’s ‘MAFS’ Dinner Retold Via Funny Tweets

We’re back for more Married at First Sight and let’s be real for a quick sec: that episode sucked, like it was actually godawful.

On tonight’s dinner party Mishel and Steve argued over intimacy, Drew had a go at KC for being materialistic, and Michael quizzed Stacey over whether she was just with him for his money. If this sounds like the exact plot of the last three episodes, hell, the last three weeks, then you’d be spot on.

Pls MAFS producers, give us something fresh to work with because this repetitive nonsense has done my head in. Thank god the experts were there to shamelessly judge the remaining contestants from a darkened room because that’s the only reason we’re all still watching this shitshow.

While the episode was a dud, the tweets were straight fire.

Tonight’s Married at First Sight retold in funny tweets:

The final couples watched their old audition tapes and we all cringed internally.

Steve’s glasses were certainly…a choice.

At the dinner party, John gatecrashed the party to serve the couples some tricky questions to answer. In a very awkward moment, Lizzie admitted she wasn’t in love with Seb.

KC and Drew butted heads again over whether she was too materialistic.

Despite having to answer some tough question, Stacey and Michael seemed to grow even closer together.

Connie told the group she was annoyed that in Jonethen’s audition tape he said he was affectionate yet he said the opposite to her.

For the 28th time this season, Mishel and Steve argued over their relationship’s lack of intimacy.

Steve argument came undone when he accidentally said he wouldn’t be staying with Mishel, admitting that his time with her inspired him to start dating older women — just not Mishel. Oops.