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Tonight’s MAFS Millionaire Groom Was A Knob & Twitter Ain’t Holding Back

Just in case we thought Troy and Dean were the biggest knobs on this season of Married at First Sight, we have a new contender in millionaire groomy, Justin.

What. A. Dude. ICYMI the guy is rich, rich… he is really rich!! Money, money, all the money!!

Just look at him. He’s practically dripping in bank.

While the guy is just a textbook example of a white rich dude, it was what he said during the ep that is making our blood boil. He kickstarted one of the first convos with Carly by saying, “I know what I want and I normally get what I want.” Oh gawd. Cringe city.

In one conversation with his bride, it sounded like Justin was going to break the rules of the MAFS competition by taking Carly on a business trip. This is during a time when they’re supposed to be getting to know one another as a “married” couple.


He didn’t stop there, he even said that if the honeymoon the producers arranged is not up to his “five star” standards he’s going to take his wife (and his money) somewhere else. He told his new ‘wife’ Carly:

“If this holiday is not where I want to go, I’ll book my own holiday.”

If this wedding couldn’t get any worse (pray for Carly) he was then busted not telling his new wifey that he was previously married and has two daughters. Awks.

Justin’s presence in the ep was even more grating when contrasted against the sweet blossoming romance between Nasser and Gabrielle. I think I’m in love. Such cuties!

Tonight Justin showed himself as a rich and entitled knob and Twitter is going in:

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