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Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About Melissa & Andy’s Critiques On ‘MasterChef’

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There has been one indisputable fact about this season of MasterChef and that’s that Melissa Leong is an absolute ray of sunshine and is easily the best judge.

Melissa is the first female judge for the series, as well as being the first person of colour on the judging panel too.  She exudes a positive energy that has won her a legion of fans – from her beaming smile to her fashion sense, and her overall enthusiasm for the dishes cooked and the contestants is apparent. She’s brought a much-needed warmth to the MasterChef kitchen.

Not only that, but as a food writer Melissa’s critiques and compliments for the contestants’ dishes are spot on and well-articulated, and lately fans of MasteChef have begun to notice that, well, the other judges just can’t carry the show quite the way Melissa does.

Viewers have taken to Twitter to show the difference between Melissa’s food critiques, contrasted with fellow judge Andy Allen’s and it’s turned into its own meme format.

Here are some of the funniest tweets from MasterChef fans comparing Melissa and Andy’s feedback:

 We just don’t even deserve Melissa.