START DROOLING: Our M8s At MAXIBON Are Releasing A Triple Choccy Version

This summer just got even better, as our mates at MAXIBON – the ice cream sandwich masters – are releasing a new variety called the Choc-A-Block which combines everything we love: chocolate, chocolate AND chocolate.

That’s right fam, it’s a man-sized slab of choccy ice cream with one half sandwiched by a choccy biscuit and the other end covered in white choccy, with choccy cookie crumbs. So. Much. Choccy.


So for the choccy fiends out there, you’ve just hit the jackpot. They’ve tripled the choc factor, which will likely send us all into an indulgent choc-coma, but we ain’t mad. We can die happy.

The new ice cream is joining the ranks of the OG Vanilla flavour, and other faves Honeycomb, Monster Cookie, and Caramel Rough Nut, this time around with chocolate ice cream. Yummo!

Tbh, all ice cream should come in the form of MAXIBONs for easy eating and to avoid the dreaded finger-to-hand-to-arm drips. Who wants to use a wooden popsicle stick? What are we, filthy savages?! We’re all for the new addition to MAXIBON’s range and for more creamy ice to be slotted inside sandwiches.

MAXIBON Choc-A-Block is available in supermarkets and convenience stores now.

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