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The ‘Bad Teacher’ Meme Is Our Fave Jan Meme (So Far) And Teaches Some Important Lessons

While we’re barely into 2018, there’s already fresh dank memes for us to send our m8s.

One of our faves to emerge so far is one being called the ‘bad teacher’ meme. It not only makes us lol but teaches us all some important lessons.

To explain the text-heavy meme briefly, it starts with a teacher asking a group of students if they’re ready for a lesson. Different experts who are supposedly sitting in on class respond with a variety of emotions. The final punchline comes as the teacher turns out to be humorous and/or unexpected protagonist. It’s tricky to explain without just showing an example.

Here’s a good one to get ya noggin around it:

As you can see, It’s a lot of fun.

Know Your Meme reckons the meme originated from Twitter user @holiday805 at the end of the last year:

It later evolved into the structure we now know and love by user @itaeye.

There’s not much more to it but people from all sorts of fandoms and levels of dankdom are embracing the formula.

The meme know no bounds. It works on everything.

Here’s some of our fave ‘bad teacher’ memes:

Hey now…

Our princess.

There’s even a Riverdale version.

Teach us more.

Of course a company has to come along and ruin all the fun.

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