Miley Cyrus

Watch Miley Cyrus Put The Final Nail In The Hannah Montana Coffin, With Most Shocking Performance To Date

It’s no shock that Miley Cyrus is stirring up folk with her outlandish antics, but her latest show might just be the final nail in the Hannah Montana coffin.

Taking to the stage at the Fillmore Theatre in Detroit to kick start her ‘Dead Petz tour’, Cyrus made it very clear that her Disney days are a distant, barely recognisable memory. The futuristic display of burlesque and psychedelic wackiness is making the rounds for obvious reasons today.

For over two hours, Miley went through an extensive range of bondage-heavy costumes which included wearing a giant dildo, a giant sun, dressing as a baby and other skimpy outfits that would have any parent of a Montana loving toddler fuming. The gig included plenty of screaming, swearing and sucking the nipples of Alison Ashley, who has the claim of being the worlds tallest stripper.

Miley Cyrus

Sourced via Distractify

While some are saying she’s only further loosing the plot, Cyrus’ ability to entertain a crowd (presuming they’re 18+) is unquestionable. It seems uncertain which weird and crazy direction she’s going to take her fans in next, but its already proving to be one hullava fucked up and entertaining ride.

The below Instagram footage was shared by alexezcyrus who seems to be some sort of mega Cyrus fan. Either aggregating a shittone of Cyrus fan footage or just extremely good at documenting every angle of the entertainers life. Check it out below y’all:



At this point I Don’t really give a fuck!!! What people/Haters got to say about @mileycyrus she is very talented and amazing person having a Silicone & Attached Dildo doesn’t make her a crazy person it’s for entertainment and Promotion for her new album #mileyandherdeadpetz what makes me laugh ??? y’all haters think she gives a fuck what y’all think plus think us smilers/fans give a fuck too lol I luv @mileycyrus since day one that won’t never change. Y’all haters trying so hard to bring her down but it ain’t going to happen because she is Strong/Brave/Confident/Loving/Caring parson. All she ever care about is making her Family/Smilers Happy on the outside and Inside I love her so much about that so much respect for her never going to stop loving her ?☺️?? #TeamSmilersForever #mileycyrus #Fans #awesome #amazing #love #loving #loveher #loveit #queen #princess #mileyandherdeadpetz #milkymilkymilktour #heart #hugs

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