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If You Like ‘The Kissing Booth’, Here Are 5 Cute Netflix Comedies That Are ACTUALLY Good

If you’re about to hit a low following your 18th viewing of The Kissing Booth, luckily we have found some new Netflix movies for you to binge-watch.

It turns out the streaming platform has heaps of other original films that are pretty damn good. Recently another Netflix gem Set It Up has been released and critics are already hailing it the best rom-com in years.

The Kissing Booth may have been the catalyst for people realising Netflix makes incredibly watchable films, but Set It Up is the real deal.

So if you need a new fix of movies, here are some cute Netflix comedies that are ACTUALLY good:

Set It Up

This movie has gained a helluva lot of buzz because it’s just a warm and comfortable old-school rom-com. The story follows two overworked assistants who come up with a plan to get their bosses off their backs by setting them up with each other.

When We First Met

This can only be described as classic rom-com meets The Butterfly Effect. After discovering a photo booth that sends its player back in time, our leading guy imagines what he could have done differently when he met the girl of his dreams.


This high school film tracks the evolving friendship of four besties as they navigate the teen minefields of graduating, dating and losing loved ones. It’s also just refreshing AF to have a stoner flick starring a bunch of young girls rather than the typical dudebros.


Another cute comedy about female friendship? Hellz yeah. This movie takes place across the globe in Spain, as a group of besties gatecrash a work trip, which turns into the ladies chasing a hot DJ all the way to Ibiza. It’s a lot of fun.

Alex Strangelove

This movie will give you all the feels. The film sees a high school senior plan to lose his virginity to his girlfriend, only to fall for a charismatic boy from the other side of town. We need more stories like this ASAP.

All the above movies are available to stream on Netflix.