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20 Questions We Had After Watching Netflix’s Batshit Crazy ‘A Christmas Prince’

A new Christmas movie streaming on Netflix right now is getting a bunch of attention because it’s just absolutely bonkers. Introducing: A Christmas Prince. A movie so dumb, that it’s actually a masterpiece.

For a supposed Christmas movie, it is surprisingly not about December 25th… like, at all. Rather, it follows journalist Amber, who is sent to an imaginary European country called ummm *googles furiously* Aldovia.

Her aim is to get the scoop on the soon-to-be Prince Richard AKA the ‘Christmas Prince’ because… err… “Where there’s a tiara, there’s dirt. Trust me!” her work colleague chimes in. Amber drops everything to take on the assignment and the rest is history.

It’s a lot to digest and the best/worst xmas movie you’ll see this year. Twitter wholeheartedly agrees.

It’s the kind of confusing nonsense that pumps out lines like:

“This fraudulent Christmas prince is not the blood of the late king!” – yup, that’s a sentence a human person actually says.

This begs the question, is he only a prince at Christmas time? After Christmas does a different non-seasonal prince take his place? Yes, surprisingly after watching the film this fails to make any sense whatsoever.

It’s a wild ride and has left us with more questions than answers and we just had to get them off our chest.

Here’s 20 questions we had after experiencing Netflix’s A Christmas Prince:

1. How is Amber considered a ‘struggling journalist’, when her position sounds like a junior editor at a fashion magazine?

2. Wait, why does a fashion magazine care about the royal bloodline in an obscure country no one’s heard of?

3. Is Aldovia an actual place?

4. How did she not recognise the Christmas Prince stealing her taxi? She’s studied this dude and he was dressed exactly like he was online.

5. Why does Aldovia look like a foreign city created by someone that has never been to Europe?

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6. How come everyone who lives in this European city speaks English and has a British accent?

7. Was that a dick joke delivered by a 12-year-old girl? (It was!)

8. Why does this family take Christmas tree ornaments so seriously?

9. Why can’t Princess Sassy Kid rule this imaginary country? She’d boss it.

10. But can she stop being a total cock-block, tho?

11. Is this Christmas Prince the most generic white man to ever exist? (Yes)

12. Why does Amber think horses understand human words like ‘let’s go back now’? It’s not an Uber.

13. Is this ‘almost being eaten by several wolves scene’ necessary?

14. Did Sophia just refer to Amber as a peasant? What even is this movie…

15. Why is this hunting cabin/den of dead animals lit like a bad porno?

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16. Again, why is everyone so damn British?

17. Wait, is the Christmas Prince Aldovia’s version of Santa Clause?

18. Why can’t the heir to the throne be, you know, the daughter that’s an actual blood relative?

19. Makeover time! Why are people so impressed? All she did was put her hair in a bun and she already looked like a Miss Universe contestant.

20. Wasn’t this all a waste of time since he specifically DID NOT WANT to be the prince??

I’ll leave you with this final exchange, as Amber decides to go off on her own and become a real journalist:

Amber: “I’m going to start with a blog about King Richard. The real story.”

Co-worker guy: “You’re my hero.”

This is an actual convo in A Christmas Prince. I shit you not.

Either way * spoiler alert * Christmas Prince confesses his undying love (after kissing Amber once and having like three convos) because he saw her blog.

That’s how all great love stories should begin and end.

If this all sounds convoluted and like we’re failing to properly describe the key plot points, fear not, these don’t really exist.

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