Snapchat Update Australia

Australia Is The First To Get SnapChat’s New Update And It’s Horrible

Snapchat just updated to a whole new look and it’s ded to us. D-E-D. RIP our lit streaks.

The social media giant dropped a huge update, with Australians the first to receive the new user interface before the rest of the world. As their sample-group of testers, we can officially confirm that it sucks. It’s no good and we don’t want it.

The main difference sees all friend activity, both chat conversations and stories lumped together on the ‘friends’ screen, where the chat feature once lived. Here you can access friend’s Snapchats by clicking on a colourful circle that surrounds their profile picture. How very Instagram (I mean they probably deserve it for copying everything once great on SC).

While the new app has been simplified to have only two screens to swipe between, it’s a cluttered and confusing. The ‘friends’ section makes it hard to chronologically and quickly sort through your friend’s antics. Booo!

Here’s what the new ‘friend ‘ section looks like:

Snapchat Update

The ‘friends’ section sees all Snapchats and chat conversations dumped into one confusing and cluttered section.

Now, when you swipe right from the main camera screen, the app prioritises paid content from news outlets and brands. In between all that, they’ve squeezed in celebrity stories to keep you interested and going back for more. Credit to them, it looks slick af but we just want our chat threads and easily ordered stories in their own little place.

The new ‘discover’ brand / celebrity / news section:

Snapchat discover layout update

The new Discover section features celebrities, brands and paid news channels

If the past has taught us anything, it’s that the whole world is initially outraged when a beloved social media giant makes any small change.  Eventually, we’ll probably all get used to it and be outraged when it changes to something else and demand this version back.

In the meantime, it doesn’t look like the new interface is copping much (if any) love from its users:

Here’s what people are saying:

So much confusion.

There were so many things they COULD have introduced:

When in panic – contact support:

Or just vent…

Are they trying to send us all to Instagram? Is Zucks somehow conspired in all this?

RIP your mad streaks.



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