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People Are Trolling An ASOS Facebook Bot That Keeps Offering Refunds & It’s Hilarious

If you’ve ever been frustrated by automated responses then this story will make you incredibly happy. Facebook users are trolling ASOS after noticing that the company’s Facebook bot replies with the same message, no matter what the original comment says.

It all started with this post:

I’m sure Chloe didn’t realise her post from December was about to be flooded with comments when users discovered that if the words “refund” or “response” were in the message then ASOS would reply.

Quickly people started taking the piss:


Below Lee asks for a refund for a order he never placed. Seems reasonable.

Daniel demanded a refund for items bought from Iconic.

More and more Facebook users have started commenting and within a few minutes receive a response.


Of course we had to try and see if we would also get a response and yep, the bot literally replies to everyone no matter what you ask.

It might be time to invest in an actual person to handle complaints, hey ASOS.