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The Premiere Of ‘Married At First Sight’ Retold Through Its Funniest Tweets

Hallelujah! Married At Sight is back in 2018! The series that pairs hopeless strangers together to create TV filth for our needy enjoyment just kicked off for 2018.

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As Married at First Sight 2018 returns, so do our “experts” and I say this term rather loosely. The show doesn’t exactly have a stellar track record for creating relationships that last the distance – not even past the honeymoon.

Punkee’s 10 Things You Missed On Married At First Sight

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Last year gifted us with some truly delicious drama, courtesy of Cheryl and Jonesy. We can only hope (and pray) that this season is just as addictive. We are off to a decent start in tonight’s premiere and the early fave is red-haired ;bo-glam’ stunner Sarah.

She is so damn wonderful. Equally wonderful is her groomy Telv, and viewers are already shippin’ the hell out of this match. On the flip-side is resident misogynist Dean and mother-of-one Tracey.

Let’s just say their connection is only skin deep. Twitter is serving up straight fire taking the piss out of the entire episode.

The premiere of Married at First Sight retold through its funniest tweets:

This was a legit concern.

But who cares when we just learnt a new word: bo-glam.

Dean and Tracey weren’t exactly soul m8s.

But Telv and Sarah were 100% couple goals, and we’re already a little bit in love with them both.

Although Sarah’s fam gave serious Godfather vibes.

But they ended up becoming besties with Telv. Huzzah!

Liam was err…quite the dude.

Rounding out the ep, Tracey told Dean about having a daughter, and he pretty much lost it. Wonderful.