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This 5 Minute ‘Real Housewives Of Melbourne’ Preview Is Gloriously Drama-Filled

“I’m not the victim. I’m the fucking queen,” says Australia’s future head-of-state Gina Liano, in the latest trailer for the new season of the The Real Housewives of Melbourne.

Hoeeee boy, we are excited! Following this year’s lacklustre Sydney series, the upcoming season of the RHOM looks soo damn dramatic I’m actually salivating.

Here are some updates we’ve gauged from the preview.

Gina and Lydia seem to be BFFs with Gamble on the outer.  The thought of her friendship with Gina continuing in a downward spiral makes my heart actually hurt.

Meanwhile, Jackie seems keen on mending her relationship with Lydia following last season but Lydia is still holding grudges and is all kinds of low-key shady. I fucking love it.

More importantly, there are two new housewives! Plus it’s a bonus that boring AF Susie won’t be returning. (Sorry Susie. But you know, not really. You know what you did.)

Gina’s friend Venus reckons she’s royalty and is sure to be painful to watch. Then there’s Sally. She says things like ‘old money’, so hopefully, the two of them combined will fill the Pettifleur-shaped hole that exists since the feisty housewife left the series. We’ll miss you, even though we still don’t understand what ‘switch the bitch’ actually means.

Bring on the new season! Let’s just pretend Sydney never happened.

The series returns on 6 December 8:30pm on Arena.

Check out the chock-o-block trailer below:

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