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12 Rental Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Move Back In With Your Parents

Anyone who rents knows that it can be a bit of a punishment sometimes dealing with agents and landlords.

Securing a place is a high like no other, and living out of home is the best — but dealing with house issues (small or big) and landlords or agents who take forever to reply can be an absolute drain.

With someone in the Punkee office sharing how their landlord once withheld bond from them for a 20-watt difference in a light globe, we decided to search the internet for other landlord/rental horror stories. And of course, Reddit delivered.

Here are some absolute horror rental stories that will make you gently weep.

1. The rat infestation

2. The replacement fridge

3. The quick fix

4. The reason landlords should always call ahead

5. The absolute creep

6. The cooking dilemma

7. The strict rules

8. The bug attack

9. The shitty problem

10. The unwanted surprise

11. The far too comfortable landlord

12. The unwelcome cleaner

Brb, calling my parents and moving back home.

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