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Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse & Lili Reinhart Were Spotted Pashing IRL & We Can’t Breathe

Attention all Riverdale fans, it looks like we have ourselves some irl Bughead action. HELL YES.

Cole Sprouse (‘Juggy’ Jughead Jones) and Lili Rienhart (Betty Cooper) were apparently seen smooching on the weekend at Comic-Con and this is the kind of news we are HERE FOR.

We always knew that the chemistry between these two was too real to be play pretend. That’s why the Sprousehart shippers are such a passionate bunch. It now seems that things are finally coming together and yes we want to respect Cole and Lili’s privacy… but this is just SO DARN EXCITING.

Plz won’t they just come out and say it.

Listen up because here’s the scoop! People reported that:

“Reinhart was spotted wearing Sprouse’s maroon blazer at Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con Bash in San Diego Saturday night, and the two were later seen canoodling, holding hands and kissing.”

The excitement for this is too real and people are SCREAMING.



We are just praying for confirmation from the pair themselves, but by the looks of things at least there’s more evidence coming out to support the story. Check out Lili in Cole’s blazer! And Cole in a singlet is pretty exciting too.

The relationship conspiracies have been in the mix since way back…probably since Jug and Betty first kissed. Fans then took Cole photographing Lili in a field of flowers as the first piece of evidence to support the story we all wanted to hear.


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To be fair though Cole has photographed a fair few of his Riverdale costars and my god he’s so talented. I love him.

Young Old Hollywood with @madelame

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Hehe oops there’s Lili again. Just sayin.

Young Old Hollywood with @lilireinhart

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Also yum, how cute is KJ though.

Death Valley

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Anyway here’s hoping Lili and Cole are happily kissing and canoodling because that would really just be the best. Sprousehart you have our full support.

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