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Here’s A Comprehensive Tally Of Charlene’s Savage Takedowns On MAFS Tonight

On tonight’s epic Married at First Sight dinner, Charlene was a goddess among men and we all must bow down to thee. We are unworthy.

On the back of last night’s gross boys night, Patrick told his wife Charlene EVERYTHING that went down (bless him) and she spilled all of the tea over dinner, to a crowd of stunned fellas, especially in the case of Troy, Justin and Dean.

Dean did what Dean does: denied everything. Even calling Charlene’s claims ‘disgusting’ – all with a mouth full of food like the caveman he likely is inside.

Charlene handled herself with class and wasn’t deterred by Troy and Dean ganging up against her. She served the fellas with truth bomb after truth bomb and we don’t see a ceasefire anywhere on the horizon.

Here’s our fave Charlene takedowns from tonight’s ep:


She saved most of her ammo for Dean and it was spectacular.

‘Don’t play your martyr role Dean. Cos it’s just boring.’

‘[My] apologies for defending women…Did you not say ‘who wants to have a go with Tracey’?

‘Well now I just think you’re a liar.’

‘Poor Dean. Poor Dean. It’s always poor Dean, isn’t it. You know what, you did offer Tracey up and then you were disappointed with the result.’


Justin was the second biggest jerk from boys night and copped it real good. Yaas gurl!

‘You don’t trade women like commodities. You don’t throw Carly in front of a bus, Justin. So you can push Carly out of the way and you can take Ash.’

‘Your marriage just ended tonight and you think it’s boring? What the fuck is wrong with you?!’

‘Wow. You really are an asshole.’


But our fave smackdowns were directed at Troy.

‘You might just want to pipe down Chachi!’ Charlene yelled.

And the best thing to ever come out of anyone on this show…

‘Seriously dude, sometimes you just need to shut the fuck up mate.’

Thank you Charlene.


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