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Sarah & Telv Had A Confusing Fight On Tonight’s MAFS & Our World Has Fallen Apart

Tonight’s ep of Married at First Sight is tearing us apart. While we expected some tense scenes between Gabrielle and Nasser, we never could have predicted that everyone’s no. 1 couple Sarah and Telv would be at breaking point.

We are not okay.

It all started over some petty drama as Telv was watching a Snapchat video and not listening to Sarah. That seems to be the entire crux of the argument, which doesn’t seem too major to us but led to Telv telling producers:

“Is this something that I’ll have to deal with forever? There is no way that I want to be with a partner that literally blows up over nothing. Right now I’m almost ready to give up,” Telv said.

“If we can’t work it out, then who knows, [then] probably that’s it.”


This fight doesn’t even make any sense…?

From a preview of the next ep, it appears the couple are heading into counselling. If it’s anything like tonight’s bizarre sex lesson between Carly and Justin, we should be concerned.

Viewers are not quite dealing with the couple possibly breaking up over such a nonsense argument:

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