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Schapelle Corby’s Been Given The Remix Treatment And It’s Cooked

In her new quest to pivot her personal brand from that of a convicted international drug smuggler to Instagram influencer #blessed – Schapelle Corby has been pulling out all the classic moves.

With over 202K followers, the singer recently shared a candid snap of her self belting out (an incredibly cringeworthy) tune. It was weird AF. In the #spontaneous clip, Corby sings the lyrically genius lines, “I’m in Queensland and it is sunny – I have the palm trees, behind me”.

Meanwhile a bunch of crows start chirping because it sounds like someone is murdering a cat and they’re mistaken that dinner might be on the cards. Watch the OG clip below:

Mucking around on this sunny day #2017❤️ @nat_zelz

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Now DJ ‘LLD‘ has given Corby the remix treatment. To be honest, LLD is working with a solid foundation – so no doubt it was an easy job converting the ‘track’ into a club banger. In all seriousness though, they could have at least added some autotune.

Corby shared the song to her Instagram followers this morning with a #repost – saying “this needs to be my new ring tone.” Somebody stop this.


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