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We Need To Discuss The Shitty Plate Art All Aussies Made In Preschool

Christmas is the perfect time to look back on our childhoods and remember that we were all once dumb kids who thought we were low-key creative geniuses.

Every now again someone mentions a childhood relic that triggers a whole flood of untouched memories. Such a moment happened early this week, when Big Brother alum Michael Beveridge recalled a thing Aussies all collectively did in preschool: made shitty plate art.

As soon as I read this tweet, my immediate reaction was ‘YES! YES! I totally did that!’ Many other Twitter users also remembered this odd Australian tradition involving drawing on plates and then baking them in the oven. The results seemingly last forever.

While I have no clue where my plate ended up, Beveridge’s original tweet has been flooded with comments, with many people sharing pics of the plates they still own decades after they were first made.

Some are pretty good.

Others, not so much.

Tbh, if your plate looks like one of the above trash fires, it might be time to bin those bad bois.