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Study Finds That People That Play The Sims Are Happier & Healthier (AKA Living IRL Blows)

Just in case you needed a logical explanation for spending almost your entire childhood creating and then slowly murdering every member of ya The Sims fam, it turns out it was all good for you.

A recent study has found spending time living within virtual reality can make a happier and healthier person.

Makes sense…

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown reckons that playing games like The Sims actually creates a more well-rounded individual. McKeown told UNILAD:

“It is important to remember that immersing yourself in your imagination periodically is actually a very positive form of escapism and is considered important for our brain functions as it can expands our creativity,”

“It allows the gamer to express a part of their personality that may not have known if they hadn’t played. Albert Einstein once said ‘creativity is intelligence having fun.’”

Well, if Einstein also enjoyed putting his Sim in a pool and then removing all the ladders as ya watch ’em drown, then we can all be on board.

Dr McKeown continued,

Our consciousness is very adaptable and allows us to create an opening to different paradigms of reality every time we focus on alternate versions of life through our thoughts,” he said.

“With the assistance of life simulation games such as Sims we can enhance our inner experience. Without escapism we would simply burn out. It’s the main reason why we dream at night when we sleep as it’s our minds way of disengaging from the state of conscious living.”

You heard the dude. Let’s never leave the house again and instead go have some more Sim sex!

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