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Tonight’s ‘Intruder Alert’ Bachy Episode Retold In Hilarious Tweets

Hi. Hello. How are you. We’re back for another week of The Bachelorette madness and thankfully super creep Jess has become a distant memory.

Like seriously, last week’s garbage fire now just feels like a bad dream. This week we got to know our bachelorette a bit better and honestly…I LOVE HER. Angie in a fancy helicopter, trying not to dry-heave is the most relatable this show has ever been.

Plus, the boys keep pulling back even more layers. Who could have guessed that Ciarran could not only string a sentence together but be so effortlessly charming at the same time? My crush continues to intensify and I don’t know how to feel.

Luckily, Twitter was there to break it all down.

Tonight’s The Bachelorette retold in hilarious tweets:

Jackson got taken on the second date, which involved a lot of Angie trying not to vom in a helicopter.

On the group date, ‘the dog whisperer’ aka Ryan crashed the party and the boys (especially Timm) got super jealous.

Ciarran slayed the challenge and won alone time with Angie.

At the cocktail party, the boys agreed to not rush at Angie or compete for time. Jamie immediately broke that promise.

The bro code has been compromised and Haydn is LIVID.

A man called Mitch was there and presented Angie with an ultimatum. I’m sorry, who?

At the rose ceremony, we said goodbye to Mitch (duh) and Zac Efron Lite.