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WATCH: Sophie Monk Reveals That She’s Going To Be A Mum And Explains Her Split With Stu

We weren’t exactly shocked when it was confirmed in January that The Bachelorette star Sophie Monk and her chosen bae Stu Laundy had split up.

Ever since Monk announced her chosen man was Laundy, rumours had been swirling around that the couple in fact were no longer together. But alas, the pair maintained that they were still going strong, until Monk confirmed our worst fears on Instagram.

It doesn’t sound like it ended on the best terms either, as Laundy suggested he only found out about their break-up via Monk’s post. Awks.

Suspiciously close to Nine launching their promo campaign for the upcoming series of Love Island (which features Monk as host), she spoke with A Current Affair and opened up about the split.  She looked visibly upset as she talked through the pressures to appear like a happy couple and how she acted affectionately with Laundy for the paparazzi. She explained,

“Once you go out into the real world then I just realise we’re soo different,”

“We’re very different people.”

Sophie didn’t want to elaborate on this further as she said she wanted to protect Stu’s children. She also revealed they broke up officially in Canada.

“I think when you go on holiday with someone you really get to know someone. All I can say is that we’re just very different people. You clash when you’ve got different morals. It ended in Canada.”

She set us all straight by assuring fans that she didn’t break up with Stu on Instagram, adding “I’m disappointed [in Stu].”

In exciting news, Monk revealed that she’s preparing to be a mum and is in the process of freezing her eggs and having IVF injections.

“I’d love to be a mum and I think I’m going to freeze eggs at this point. I’ve made a plan, it’s just the injections to fit into the schedule.”

When asked if she was being for real, she assured viewers it’s all legit. “It’s not a headline. I’m definitely doing it. I’m looking into it now.”

Monk is ready to find love again, even saying “I’d love a hot tradie”. Who knows, she’s about to head to an island of single hotties to host Nine’s Aussie version of Love Island – anything could happen.

Form an orderly queue gents…

Watch the full interview below:

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