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Cry Your Face Off Watching ‘The Greatest Showman’ Cast Belt ‘This Is Me’ At The Oscars

The song may have missed out on winning an Academy Award but there is no denying one of the highlights of the entire Oscars was The Greatest Showman cast, fronted by Keala Settle performing ‘This Is Me’.

If, like myself, you’ve had The Greatest Showman soundtrack spinning around in your head for most of the summer, then you’ll be deeply invested in its standout track ‘This Is Me’. At today’s Oscars, the film’s resident bearded lady aka Settle took the stage to perform the powerful song and she absolutely slayed it. GOOSEBUMPS.

The lyrics just hit ya straight in the gut and we can all relate. What. A. Performance.

Check it out below & I dare you not to ugly cry ya face off:

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