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This New ’13 Reasons Why’ Couple Is Giving Fans Heart-Eyes

The final season of 13 Reasons Why was a bittersweet conclusion for the students of Liberty High, but at least Alex finally got the happy ending he deserved.

FYI: There are many, many spoilers ahead so if you haven’t finished the series, don’t read on. 

Alex has arguably had one of the roughest journeys out of all the characters on the show. He was left physically disabled after he attempted to take his own life at the end of season one, which meant he had to go through therapy to regain his motor functions. Then he had to deal with the guilt of killing Bryce (this show lol) at the end of season two. It’s honestly too much for any teen to endure.

This season Alex finally got a storyline that wasn’t filled with doom and gloom — instead we  got to see a cute romance narrative unfold. First he kissed Zach who is straight (something Zalex stans have wanted for two seasons), then he went on to kiss Winston and then Charlie.

Alex was truly living his best life in season four.

After briefly dating Winston, they broke up and Alex started spending time with the high school quarterback, Charlie. They hung out at a party, got high eating hash cookies, and then become close friends before Charlie kissed Alex after class. It’s cute as shit.

Alex eventually introduced Charlie to his family and it’s one of the most low-key coming out scenes I’ve seen on TV. We love to see it.

Charlie later asked Alex to school prom and it’s extremely extra.

Then at prom, Charlie and Alex are voted as the prom kings and share a dance surrounded by their classmates. I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE.

There’s a lot of dark stuff happening in the new season, so Alex finally finding love and happiness after going through so much trauma is the silver lining the series needed.

Fans are shipping Alex and Charlie on 13 Reasons Why:

Just gonna say it. This season would have sucked without Alex.

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