‘MasterChef’ Fans Are Heartbroken After Callum’s Elimination Last Night

MasterChef has been an emotional rollercoaster this season and I do not remember signing up to cry every elimination but here we are.

With the finale looming, it’s been harder and harder to say goodbye to our faves. It feels like actual months since we shed tears over Jess and Sarah, and losing chaotic Poh is still hard to talk about. Celine Dion once sang that the Heart Will Go On, but does it when it feels this empty inside?

We had to say goodbye to fan favourite Callum last night, who was battling it out against Laura. Ultimately Callum’s overcooked fish let him down and the strict social distancing once again made things even harder to watch.

Callum was an absolute legend throughout this season, even if we did all forget he’s won a season of All-Stars before.

Fans of MasterChef are definitely not OK about saying goodbye to Callum: