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Everyone Reckons That The Queen Was Robbed On ‘The Masked Singer’ Last Night

In a turn of events that was extremely on-brand for this hellfire of a year, last night The Masked Singer crowned Bushranger as the winner over Queen, who was the overwhelming favourite among viewers.

Queen has given some of the most spectacular and vocally perfect performances the show has ever seen, and her rendition of ‘I Will Survive’ during last night’s finale was hailed as the best performance in the show’s two seasons by Jackie O.

Most viewers thought Queen had it in the bag but then this happened.

While no one was surprised that Queen was unmasked as (obviously) Kate Miller-Heidke and Bushranger was Bonnie Anderson, the audience and judges choosing Bushranger as the winner had fans shook. Anderson was great throughout the show and deserved her place in the top three, but there’s no denying Miller-Heidke’s performances were more memorable and show-stopping.

This felt like Australian Idol circa 2003 all over again. I’m calling 000 because Queen was robbed.

Viewers were furious that Queen was robbed of The Masked Singer crown:

At least Miller-Heidke can laugh over the fact that literally every single person in Australia knew it was her the whole time.