Taylor Swift Love Story

The Re-Recorded Version Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ Is Online And It’s Better Than The Original

Scooter Braun has got nothing on Taylor Swift.

While Taylor Swift has just dropped the folklore: the long pond studio sessions TV special to accompany her latest studio album, she’s got a whole lot more content to go.

Today, Taylor Swift has just dropped a teaser of her re-recorded studio albums, by giving us a snippet of the new version of her 2008 smash hit, ‘Love Story’. And yes, as you can probably expect, it sounds amazing. 

Thanks Ryan Reynolds!

Now, I bet you’re probably wondering, why Taylor Swift has just given us a snippet? Well, funnily enough, we actually have Ryan Reynolds and his company Maximum Effort to thank. 

Evidently, Ryan Reynolds has kept himself busy in COVID-19 isolation by writing an ad for the US dating site, Match. In this ad, he personifies the devil and 2020 and suggests they’d make a good couple because they both “came from hell.” It’s actually very hilarious and you can watch the full clip here:

But, perhaps more notably than this skit was the soundtrack that went along with it. As you would have noticed, playing in the background of this advertisement, is Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story,’ but a version that sounds updated, with slightly different instruments and a slightly heavier instrumental. 

An Updated ‘Love Story’

Taylor cleared the air on Twitter saying: “Okay so while my new re-records are NOT done, my friend (Ryan Reynolds) asked me if he could use a snippet of one for a LOLsome commercial he wrote so… here’s a sneak peak of Love Story! Working hard to get the music to you soon!!”

And if that wasn’t enough to get you excited, in the clip, you can find a scooter, next to a trash can. Taylor Swift really is the queen of easter eggs.

It was actually just a week ago that Taylor spoke about re-recording ‘Love Story’. In an interview with GMA, she said: “So far, of the ones I’ve recorded, I think it’s been the most fun doing ‘Love Story’ because the older music… my voice was so teenaged and I… sometimes when I hear my older music and my older young teenage voice, it makes me feel like I’m a different singer now. So it’s been the most fun to re-record ones that I feel like I could actually possibly improve upon the song.”

Now, we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for the rest of the re-recorded Fearless album!

Scooter Braun Vs. Taylor Swift

For context, Taylor Swift has been feuding with Scooter Braun ever since he purchased her entire back catalogue (leading up to Lover) from the head of her old label, Scott Borchetta. As a way of taking back control of her old music, Taylor has vowed to re-record all those previous albums.

Speaking of Taylor Swift, remember the time Shawn Mendes and John Mayer openly paid out her lyrics? Ouch.