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People Are Sharing The Kids’ TV Shows They Forgot Ever Existed & The Nostalgia Is Real

People on Twitter are unearthing some of their fave kids’ TV shows that they had forgotten about and the nostalgia is hitting hard.

Sure, there was a lot of  TV series’ that have emotionally scarred us forever, but on the flip-side, there were wholesome shows that instantly take us straight back to our childhoods.

The subject took off after Twitter user @lushice tweeted an image of popular ’00s kids’ TV show Maisie, captioned: “I found this picture in the deepest crevices of my memories.”

The tweet has since been retweeted over 28k times and has 129k likes. Users have been flooding the post, replying with images of kids’ TV shows they only just remembered.

It’s a delightful walk down memory lane. We’ve collected some of our faves.

Here are some of the kids’ TV shows that Twitter users just remembered:


Angela Anaconda

The Adventures Of Spot

Jane and the Dragon


Bob The Builder

The Animals Of Farthing Wood

Bear In The Big Blue House


Hey Arnold

Lamb Chop Play-Along

The Weekenders

Bananas In Pyjamas

Take me back!!!