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‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ Fans Are Furious After Phoebe Spilled Some Spicy Tea About Moana

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Australian Survivor: All Stars just keeps getting better and while the series may have wrapped filming months ago, the drama is still going down on Twitter.

Wednesday night’s episode saw the infamous Survivor Auction return and the first mystery item on the menu was quickly claimed by Phoebe, who seemed to up the bids from $240 to $500 out of nowhere — which took a massive chunk out of her tribe’s $2k spending budget.

It was low-key evil and I lived for it.

Her move was seen by many as an act of revenge after Phoebe was voted out by her tribe on Tuesday night’s episode and only saved by winning the fire-making challenge against Lydia.

But it turns out that what we saw during the episode wasn’t exactly what happened. Phoebe took to Twitter after Wednesday night’s episode and dropped a massive bombshell: the reason the bids jumped to $500 was because of Moana. She apparently later withdrew her bid but none of this was shown.

Shooketh. Fellow Australian Survivor star Shonee added her two cents, backing up exactly what Phoebe tweeted.

This is actually wild, especially given that Moana was later seen in her confessional complaining that Phoebe had shown the rest of her tribe how selfish she was for spending so much of their money pool.

Fans are pretty furious that the episode made it seem like Phoebe was the villain in this situation – rather than Moana – which arguably misled viewers.

We reached out to the reality series for comment over the editing of the episode and Endemol Shine Australia released the following statement:

“Australian Survivor is filmed 24 hours a day, seven days a week with 24 contestants talking and strategizing. Due to the nature of the show, not everything makes it to air but it is a true representation of what happens on the island.”