About Punkee

Right now if feels like the world is going to shit. lolololol.

Punkee is the antidote to the h7ers. We exist to poke our tongue out and have a laugh at the latest in TV, movies, music, celebs and the best of the interwebz (*cough memes*) with a local Aussie twist. We’ll be serving up a visual feast that’s not afraid to add some spicy sauce and get danker than a semi-naked Matt Preston spooning Manu while riding a unicorn.

*Artists impression

PING! Let’s face it – if that doesn’t wet your whistle like wasabi so damn hot that ya heads gunna blow, then Punkee is probs not for you.

This year we’ll be adopting all the things you used to love about our former site TheVine and giving them a colourful upgrade. That means more Bachy recaps and a whole bunch of weird and wonderful new web-series, with more substance than the impending Shrek 5 sequel. Yep, that’s a thing.

Punkee is born into the world by Junkee Media, the brains behind publications like Junkee and inthemix. If you’re not already, follow Punkee across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Tumblr.

Stick around and crack open a cold one with us.

The Team

Punkee Managing Editor
Tom Pitneytpitney[at]junkeemedia[dot]com

Punkee Multimedia Producer / Writer
Tara Watson

Punkee Multimedia Producer / Video
James Anthony

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