This Hero Snuck Into Splendour In A Wheelie Bin

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As Splendour in the Grass took over our Instagram feeds over the weekend, many of us were left with major FOMO.

There’s only a certain number of music festivals ya bank balance can accommodate, right? Well, these two Aussie dudes found a way to get into Splendour…for free!

YouTuber Micheal Fallon uploaded a video showing him and a friend sneaking into Splendour, with one friend in a wheelie bin and the other decked up in hi-vis.

This is the gist of what went down:

Step 1. One mate dresses as a cleaner

Step 2. They steal a bin

Step 3. Other mate gets into bin

Step 4. Both breeze through security


It looks waaaaay too easy tbh.

Check it out in full below: