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Tonight’s Tribal On ‘Australian Survivor: All Stars’ Was Truly Iconic & Viewers Are Losing It

Tonight’s tribal council on Australian Survivor: All Stars might be one the most hectic ones we’ve ever seen on the history of the series.

The Vakama tribe lost the immunity challenge, but there were two immunity idols in play when it came time for the tribal council. Mat got a (not-so-sneaky) idol from Henry, while Brooke from the opposing alliance found her own idol before the action kicked off.

Despite the two clear alliances, David was back at his old tricks playing each side against the other as he and Mat formed a secret pact and planned to vote out Daisy in a massive blindside.

In the end, all the puzzle pieces fell into place and the tribe was shook to see Mat play his idol for Jacqui instead of Moana. David even got his alliance to flush out their idol to save ummm…him, which was the ultimate revenge on Daisy after she played a part in blindsiding him last season.

At this stage, David is bloody unstoppable and the entire episode was actual art.

Viewers are losing it over THAT wild tribal council: