Beauty Tips: Women Share Their Best Beauty Tips Of 2020

Women Reveal The Beauty Hacks That Make Them Feel 12/10, Even In 2020

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It’s hard to remember, but we used to have social lives. We used to style our hair, apply makeup, remove unwanted hair, and go places that weren’t the couch.

Getting glam might be a distant memory right now, but even if we’re not going out, we still deserve to love the way we look.

Maybe you got deep into makeup tutorials this year, or maybe you swapped hours at the salon for an at-home experience – no professionals required. If so, you’re in luck.

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To help you show the rest of your body some love, we’ve rounded up the best at-home beauty hacks from women who have found the key to feeling 12/10, even in this chaotic year.

#1 A good steam

“I love running a microfibre cloth under hot water in the morning. I make sure it’s drained so it doesn’t burn my face and gives me more of a steam effect. I find that it wakes me up and opens up my pores before my cleanser, serums, and moisturiser.

“It doesn’t take much extra time and really adds to my skincare routine.” – Emerie

#2 Smooth as silk

“Even if nobody else gets to see them right now, I love the feeling of having smooth legs. It makes me feel like I’m the powerful boss in a rom-com, which is exactly how I want to feel during iso.” – Alana

#3 Let’s face it

“I love an oatmeal mask. It makes my skin feel softer, fresher, and brighter and it calms redness and inflammation.

“I usually mix it with turmeric or honey, but basically anything works, even pineapple, banana, or avocado. It just depends what type of skin you have.” – Maddie

#4 Hair care

“At least once a week I wash and towel dry my hair. Then I blow dry it until it’s half dry and put it into two loose braids.

“When I wake up, I have effortless waves which are perfect for a day look, or I can add a few more defined curls on top for a night look.” – Tara

#5 Head to toe

“A foot mask makes me feel like I’m taking care of my body from top to bottom.

“They can be hard to move in, but there’s a solution: squeeze a pair of tight, thick socks on over the top and you’re good to dance around the house while getting soft, hydrated tootsies.” – Jess

#6 For special occasions

“I have a special skincare routine when I’m hungover or just need a boost. I double cleanse in the morning to wash off the last of my makeup from the night before, then exfoliate. Then I slap on some eye patch gels with caffeine in them and layer on a few serums.

“It’s like a refresh for my skin and makes me feel like a productive human again.” – Claire

#7 Morning coffee

“I make a coffee scrub with used coffee grounds, essential oils, and a little bit of coconut oil, then I scrub my whole damn body with it. It’s a pretty amazing experience.” – Bridgette

Enjoy professional-style pampering at home. The new Nair Charcoal Leg Mask and Nair Sensitive Wax Strips are available at all leading retailers and online.

(Lead image: Anna Shvets / Pexels)