Oprah brings her celebrity A-game

5 Times Your Favourite Celebs Really Brought Their A-Game

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There are tonnes of iconic celebrity moments, but few celebs possess the ability to turn it on and bring their total A-game when they need it most.

From Twitter clapbacks to stories of hard work and straight-up excellence, let’s reflect on times that your faves were total bosses.

#1 Don’t Mess With Oprah Winfrey

Trying to talk smack about Oprah Winfrey? Hell no. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever.

One Twitter user tried to have a crack at Oprah back in 2012 and Ms Winfrey, who was most certainly on her A-game, and did not come to play.

Yas Oprah! Flex those receipts! Drag them!

Moral of the story is, if you come for a living legend, you better not miss.

#2 Bill Murray Rocking Up To A Bill Murray-Themed Ice Cream Party

Hanging out with the king of quit-wit comedy himself, Bill Murray, should be high up on the bucket list of any movie fan, and one dude managed to actually lure him to an impromptu get together – fittingly, a Bill Murray Ice Cream Social.


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I met my idol tonight…

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Our boy Bill has gained a reputation for keeping his finger on the cultural pulse and mingling with us mere mortals, and it’s just one of the billion reasons we love him so much. Talk about an iconic celeb moment.

P.S. Bill, you keen to hang out on my birthday? K, thanks, I’ll see you there.

#3 Ariana Grande Straight-Up Schooling Piers Morgan on Twitter

Our love for the undisputed Queen of Pop is no secret, but beyond the bangers, we stan Ariana so hard because, well, she’s a total boss.

Who can forget the time notorious Angry Man™ Piers Morgan had a crack at Little Mix, claiming the girl group was using sex to sell records. Take note, people: you mess with one Queen, you mess with them all.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the grace, beauty and straight-up badassery that is Ariana Grande? And if burying Piers six feet under wasn’t enough, the pop star clapped back with what we’re calling The Most Iconic Tweet of 2018:

Yes sis! Break those social constructs, drag him, let him know WHAT IS UP.

#4 Fall Down 7 Times, Get Up 8… Especially If You’re Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of those celebs where you’re left amazed, thinking, “but how can you be so perfect yet 100% just like me?”

Now there are a million and one times J-Law has brought her A-game and been a total queen, but who can forget the time she fell down at the Oscars, not once…

…But twice.

You know, they say if you fall down you’ve got to just get straight back up, and J-Law has demonstrated that in the most literal sense. Following both of these stumbles, our girl has picked herself back up, dropped a few self-depricating gags, and kept on slaying.

Don’t ever change, you perfect angel.

#5 All The Times Ellen DeGeneres Was An International Treasure

Ellen DeGeneres is an international treasure, and don’t you dare say otherwise.

Besides making us laugh out loud with her quick wit and savvy commentary, Ellen continues to use her enormous platform to make the world a better place. There’s nothing in her contract that states she has to bring her A-game every single episode or that she has to be an excellent person – she just is one.

Who can forget the time she helped pay off a teacher’s debt. Just, watch the clip.

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Then, in 2017, Sudan refugee Ekhlas Ahmed sent the talk show host a letter about how watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show helped her learn English. At the time, Ahmed was $20,000 in debt, so what did Ellen do? Wrote her a check for $22,000.

On top of that she decided to sell a calendar Ahmed has made in her store, giving all the proceeds to the teacher.

#6 George Takei Being A Straight-Up Savage For The Greater Good

From intergalactic fame on Star Trek to big internet name, George Takei brings his A-game hard, being a crusader against hate on social media.

Outside of being one of the internet’s favourite humans, the 81-year-old is also an outspoken advocate for LGBTQI rights and racial equality. As both a gay man and a Japanese-American, he’s seen his unfair share of discrimination.

If you’re looking for a way to deal with trolls, here it is, peeps.

Oh and who can forget this iconic tweet?

And this one, too.

Takei is the perfect example of being yourself and using your brains.

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