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Watch Courtney Cox & David Arquette’s Absolute Trainwreck Interview On ‘The Project’

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Things got awkward in an interview on The Project last night for the upcoming Scream sequel, as exes Courtney Cox and David Arquette shared more than a few tense moments — leaving interviewer Hamish McDonald lost for words.

The Project interview began normal enough, with Courtney, David and Neve Campbell answering whether they enjoyed watching scary movies. Then as Courtney was responding to another question, her phone started ringing, “Is that my phone?” she asked, before telling the host, “It was not my phone, it was David’s!” He then checked his phone before Courtney eventually realised it was her phone after getting a text, “That’s really embarrassing,” she added.

This interview was truly not off to a great start!

Cox went on to discuss how much the former married couple enjoyed working together. Expecting Arquette to echo her sentiments, he then said deadpan, “Yeah… it’s great”. Hamish tried to go ahead with his next question, but told David sarcastically “That sounded very sincere.” As David and Neve laughed, Courtney didn’t look impressed, telling him, “I didn’t believe you.” Awkward!

Things got even more tense when Hamish asked the three who would be most likely to survive in Scream. Courtney pointed to Neve, but Neve said David. “I think Neve…oh, yeah David would be good,” Courtney said unenthusiastically. David then got offended that no one picked him (which er… wasn’t true), because he used to be a wrestler. “I said it,” Neve clarified, “it’s just your ex didn’t!” You could cut the tension with a goddamn butter knife.

To add to the chaos, as Hamish wrapped up The Project interview, Courtney shouted at him, “You look like Bradley Cooper!” I mean, she’s not wrong!

This is the first time on the Scream publicity tour that the exes have clashed. In previous interviews, both Courtney and David have spoken highly about working together again. “It’s a cathartic experience to just be able to act opposite Courteney,” David told the New York Times in early January.

I guess spending most of 2022 with your ex doing interviews is enough to get on anyone’s nerves eventually.

Courtney and David started dating after meeting on the first Scream film in 1996. They got married in 1999, Courtney gave birth to their daughter Coco in 2004, before they separated in 2010, and officially divorced in 2013.

Watch the full interview on The Project below: