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Delta Goodrem And Russell Crowe Dragged A Gossip Mag That Implied They’re An Item

Let’s hear it for Russell Crowe and Delta Goodrem for giving giving gossip mags the roasting they deserve.

Gossip magazines are always splashing crazy, unfounded claims across the cover, and that’s gotta get a bit tired when you’re the subject of the so-called ‘news’. After New Idea reported a story on its front cover that Russell Crowe and Delta Goodrem are “TOGETHER AT LAST!”, Russell and Delta dragged them on Twitter.

Russell Tweeted a pic of the cover and a facetious message to Delta that makes some not-so-subtle jabs at the magazine and gossip mag culture in general.

Delta picked up what he was putting down and responded with some more gentle rinsing of New Idea and gossip ‘news’.

Even bloody Terri Irwin, who has long been rumoured to be dating Crowe, jumped on the bandwagon to drag the mags. Get on it Terri.

Crowe followed up with another, far less jolly, message directed to the gossip mags. He seems pretty pissed and rightly so.

Cue the appropriately feisty Russell Crowe content:

As it turns out, the corresponding article isn’t even about Russell Crowe and Delta dating. It’s about a “hot new rumour” that Crowe might be replacing Seal as a coach on The Voice along side Delta. Fake news ammirite.

Meanwhile, the front cover of New Idea was also reporting some other HUGE news. I mean, wow!!! Such news!!! Much fact!!!

Are people not shook that New Idea is breaking this news!?

Another day, another gossip mag spitting out actual trash and trying to pull it off as ‘news’. Byeeeeee.

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