What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

What Your eBay Search History Says About You As A Person

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Whoever said the eyes are the window to the soul clearly never looked at their eBay search history.

It’s a very real scientific fact that the true essence of a person’s identity is contained within their online shopping habits. Just one item or brand can speak volumes about the kind of person you are, and the kind of person you want to be.

So, what better place to seek the truth than through eBay, where you can literally shop online for millions of items and satisfy your desire for just about any material good imaginable? Plus, eBay’s massive mid-season sale means there’s plenty of packed search histories and wish lists to work with.

This is where people’s true selves are revealed, so we’ve laid out exactly what your eBay search history says about your personality. Prepare to feel seen.

#1. The Body Shop

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Kevin Laminto / Unsplash

You’re all about that self-care, baby, and if that means stocking up on copious supplies of creams, gels, butters, and lotions, then so be it. You spend at least an hour grooming when you wake up and before bed each day, and your official life motto is “treat yourself”.

You’re the person most likely to be caught doing a face mask (twice a week, at least) and ordering spenny cocktails because “you deserve it”.

But no judgment here! If you want to unwind with a book and a bubble bath every week, you do you.

#2. Tech Gadgets

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Linus Rogge / Unsplash

If your eBay search history has anything along the lines of the Apple Watch Series 4, Fitbit Charge 3, Google Nest Hub, or new mobile phones from the Sydney Mobiles store, then let’s be honest, ~tech-savvy~ is a pillar of your identity.

You’re the friend who’s always the most up-to-date on the latest gadgets because they make you feel like you’re living in a James Bond movie. If it’s voice-activated, virtually augmented, shiny or new, you have to have it.

Everyone goes to you for help with their tech problems but also secretly wishes you would stop telling them how many steps you did today.

#3. Glue Store and Cotton On

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Felipe Galvan / Unsplash

That high you get when you purchase new clothes and accessories is like your favourite candy, and you love to snack. But to be fair, nothing compares to the sweet nirvana of new clothes arriving at your door.

You follow too many Instagram “fashionistas” and have therefore become aspirationally dedicated to getting at least one good shot of every outfit you wear. It’s all for the ‘gram! And, honestly, your ‘gram is amazing. You’re doing great sweetie.

#4. Robot Vacuum

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Kowon vn / Unsplash

Whoever is looking at the Xiaomi Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum is most definitely the mum or dad friend of the group. You’ve nested and buying new household items brings you more joy than you ever thought it would.

You’re always cleaning up after people, making sure everyone gets home safe, trying to start a book club, and hosting adorably tame wine, cheese and boardgame nights. Everyone loves you and relies on you.

#5. Heritage Brands

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Raphael Lovaski / Unsplash

No one:

You: Did you know that going vegan is one of the single most significant actions you can take to help save the planet?

Yoga changed your life, you can play the ukulele, and at the end of the day, family is the most important thing to you. You buy quality, cruelty-free cosmetic products, which is actually doing the planet a solid, so I can’t fault you there. You like going to cafes where you know the owners and everyone knows your name. And, also, you smell good.

#6. Wittner Shoes

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Image: Simona Todorova / Unsplash

In the wise words of Carrie Bradshaw, “When one door closes, a shoebox opens”. Just like Carrie, you have a talent for explaining away why your purchase is a ‘necessity’ or perhaps, an ‘investment piece’. Even if it is a pair of sparkly, strappy heels you’ll rarely wear but make you feel amazing.

Your attention to detail is unparalleled, whether that’s applied to your work, listening to your friends, or putting together outfits. And you know no outfit is complete without amazing shoes.

#7.  Toys ‘R’ Us

What Your eBay Search History Says About Your Personality

Images: Phillip Glickman / Unsplash

You’re in that stage where your mates have started having babies and baby showers and the whole ordeal, but you’re not there yet. Even though you pretend to cringe and say you’re grateful to still have “your freedom”, you’re low-key clucky as hell.

You have a five-year plan, a 10-year plan, and a 20-year plan for how you want your life to look and babies are definitely going to be a part of it. Just don’t lead with that in your Tinder bio.

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(Lead image: Brooke Cagle / Unsplash)