Ed Sheeran Sent Pizza To Fans Camped Out For His Adelaide Gig BC He’s Just Lovely

Ed Sheeran has gone and proven once again that he’s a beautiful human with a big heart, who happens to totally understands that pizza is just about the best gift you can give anyone. He just gets it.

There’s pretty much always a group of hardcore fans camping outside of the venue before a big concert, and these Teddy fans were loyally doing just that.

But not all artists are as pure as Sheeran, who sent the crowd of fans camped out in Adelaide a whole bunch of pizzas to show his love and appreciation.

Damn Ed, that is a gentlemanly move and we 100 percent are on board with giving out free pizza. Well played. The fans were absolutely stoked.

Marcellina Pizza was also pretty stoked to have been the chosen pizza provider for Sheeran’s official make-the-fans-happy mission. What an honour.

You can catch a lil’ video of the pizza party posted by 7 News, and pray that someday you may be so lucky as to receive such a wonderful gift from Ed Sheeran too.


FED BY EDMusic superstar Ed Sheeran has sent pizzas to die hard fans camped out at Adelaide Oval ahead of his show.

Posted by 7 News Perth on Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Header via @lifeofjz

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