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20 Funny Tweets For Anyone Utterly Obsessed W/ Netflix’s ‘Emily In Paris’

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This year needed new Netflix series Emily In Paris, not because it’s a particularly good show but because it’s the ultimate escape.

The series from the creator of Younger, sees American marketing and social media whiz Emily uproot her life to move to Paris for work. It’s here that she is met with every cliche imaginable, where all French people are rude snobs and when they’re not puffing on a cigarette, they’re oversharing about sex.

The main criticism levelled the 10-episode series is that the show is riddled with offensive French stereotypes, which is 1000% true — but somehow that doesn’t make it any less bingeable. I can happily admit that I watched the entire first season in one night and I’m desperate for more. This is despite the fact that the series’ protagonist might be one of the least likeable leading ladies in recent memory, who constantly insults the people she’s desperate to win over.

But who cares because Emily is in Paris!! Most of the appeal of this series is that it’s allowed viewers to transport to another exciting city — filled with lights, sights and, spectacular fashion. In a year when most of our movements are restricted and going overseas is all but a pipe dream, a silly, fluffy and often nonsensical show set in an awe-inspiring city is what we deserve right now.

The show is a beautiful mess and the tweets about the first season are perfection.

20 tweets for anyone utterly obsessed with Emily In Paris on Netflix:





















Emily In Paris is available to stream now on Netflix.