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Facebook & Instagram Went Down So Twitter Users Are Taking The Absolute Piss

Quick! Describe what you’re eating for breakfast and briefly summarise a meme you just saw, because Instagram and Facebook have gone down this morning and people are losing their shit.

It’s being reported that Instagram, Facebook and Messenger have been down from around 3am (AEST) on Thursday and it has affected users in the US, Europe and across the globe.

In a world where we’ve become accustomed to living our lives through social media, people are now running to Twitter to get their fix and it’s extremely funny.  Even Facebook posted on the platform to update its users.

Twitter is often thought of as a much separate less sparkly world to the glamorous (and often more normal) people of Facebook and Instagram. Right now, the irony is not lost on Twitter fans.

Here are some of the funniest tweets about Facebook going down:

Twitter users are well aware that social media addicts have been forced to jump on Twitter.

We are doing just fine over here on Twitter.

But trust no one.