Go-To Much Brighter Skin serum

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Zoë Foster Blake’s New Go-To Serum

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I have no shame in admitting that I’ll try anything Zoë Foster Blake recommends. I trust her book recommendations as much as I trust those from a well-read close friend; I’ve written stories while listening to her ‘music to work to’ Spotify playlist; and I buy, use, and love several products from Go-To, her much-loved beauty brand.

For this reason, I was particularly excited when I heard whispers that a new Go-To skincare product was being launched. Talking to Zoë over Zoom late last week I found out the latest addition to the Go-To lineup was going to be a brightening serum.

I had a million questions for Zoë and soon after our chat tried the serum out myself. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the Go-To Much Brighter Skin serum.

Why A Brightening Serum?

After years of using vitamin C serums — and being asked for recommendations by her followers — Zoë realised there was a gap in the market for a serum that wasn’t overly expensive, tacky, or only available through clinicians or facialists. She also wanted to get the mix of active ingredients just right.

“So many vitamin C serums have AHA or BHAs, and they’re just too strong. I don’t want to be chemically exfoliating before I go out into the day — I just wanted a straight-up brightening serum,” Zoë told Punkee.

What’s In The Go-To Much Brighter Skin Serum?

Vitamin C is the hero ingredient in the serum, but what I like most about the product is that, unlike a lot of brightening serums on the market, it has a lot of other good shit in it too. These bonus goodies are all ingredients you’ve actually heard of before too.


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“We deliberately used sodium phosphate in the serum, because it’s the gentle vitamin C,” Zoë told Punkee. “It’s really good for congested and acne-prone skin — it’s the user-friendly version.”

“We deliberately called it a ‘brightening serum’, not just a ‘vitamin C serum’, because even though there are two forms of really potent vitamin C in it — sodium phosphate and Kakadu plum — we’ve also got niacinamide in there. And we’ve got hyaluronic acid and glycerin as well, so it’s super hydrating,” said Zoë.

So, Is It Any Good?

I’ve only been trialling the serum for a couple of days now, so I can’t speak on the long-term results of the product just yet. That said, I’m loving what I’m seeing so far.

The serum soaks in quickly, without the same sticky finish of other vitamin C products I’ve used in the past, and there’s no nasty sting after application. My skin is also currently going through a very dramatic dermatitis flare-up, and the product hasn’t irritated it at all — a huge personal win for me and the red blotches currently calling the lower-half of my face home.

If you’ve wanted to add a vitamin C product to your skincare routine, but haven’t quite known where to start, this could be the staple you’ve been waiting for.

Go-To Much Brighter Skin 30mL is available from Go-To and Mecca for $59.